Quebec, Ontario

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Lady Of the Lake

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Season 2

The absence of anger makes us float aimlessly.

All you need is another victory...

I am bored with the image of our Lord. So I created a new one. Behold, sexy God is here.

Dark origin

I know you're there, God.

Splendid Sodomy

...and the three-headed Beast said. "There shall be Light! And for those who are weak, punishment awaits.". And the earth was covered with blood of the Innocent. And we hid high in the hills fearing His wrath.

The Divination

Unfortunately I was late for my meeting with the High Priestess and had to come back some other time. Guess I wasn't cut out to be a Saint anyway. And there were far too many hummingbirds around.

Let's put a smile on that face...


The Church of Fucking Christ

What disturbs you? Is it light? Is it this strange noise coming from the apartment next door? Tell him it is back. Tell him it is still alive. The Beast in me.

The World

I was not ready for the world, I had not prepared myself for the rescue. Or for the capture. I was used to living my life as a normal fellow, which I wasn't. Stupid mistake.

Das Geheimnis von Schloss Monte Christo

No rest from passion, confessions of a nymphomaniac. Soft maidens for the Monster's devil fish.

The Old Magician.

Photobucket Traded my magic for fools gold. You could say that I am a happy man. Guess I am.

The fool.

Photobucket Null null null acht acht drei. Ruf an. Original von Teresa Orlowski.

I'll get you something to change into.

Everything is going to be fine. See how good you look?

Thorax, Mediastinum, Diaphragma

Photobucket Do not use the card number 13.

In the face of danger I use my dagger.

To find my soul I have to dig deep. My only fear is that I will not dig deep enough. Never settle for less.

It is just like that movie you never saw.

Lurking from the shadows of my remaining self-esteem, I will come back tomorrow to face the situation I have created today. I fear no man. Fuck you.

A brief moment in history

Tragic circle of friends.

Are you prepared to entertain Mr. Gabriel?

Remember the shore? Remember the junk behind us? Remember the Fear and the Dream? Remember the Old House? I guess I should feel some kind of emotional nostalgia, but strangely I feel nothing.

Blurry eyes

PhotobucketEven though it is hard to let go, I had a brief moment of true inner peace early this morning. Luckily it didn't last long.

Once he smiled, now he is dead.

Guess it is too late now. I can't believe that all i want is another cigarette.

A legless horse wins a 100 yard race.

Deeply disconnected from my physical self I refuse to deal with a social reality, choosing my own hallucinated universe over the real one. The result is extremely satisfactory.

Cold. It is cold here.

Resolved to eliminate my memories so I can make a new future for us. (By that I mean the whole human race, since I consider myself a new spiritual leader of the wicked and sick.)

If I make the clothing translucent...

Since my return to this place, things have changed so little. I wonder if it is me that changed, since I cannot notice any change in this environment. Somebody is lying to us.

Be not so quick to accept defeat, Half-man!

I fear this: your heart rate is weak, essentially she is dying... send for her family.

Let the ocean of demons engulf you!

W-wait... I didn't mean it like that. You can stay, please. But get your slimy tentacles off my couch!

Spiritual mistakes cost me money

It is like lighting your cigarette with a propane torch. It does the job, only too well.

Just another failed option

Carved in a tree trunk somewhere in the forrest of bad ideas. Trees cannot survive without water, so I pray for the rain to stop. I hate trees.

By all means

Heterorevlutionary is just behind the corner. Just a few more minutes and Doomsday will arrive.

One day you will see the devil through my eyes.

Clever days, intense headaches. Three days from today I will be free.

I think I need new gear.

Your new remote control...

Little bees all over my face, little bees inside my head. No brain but soon I'll have loads of honey...

I have a brother and his name is Joe.

PhotobucketWe had a sister but she drowned. We tried to save her but it was too much fun just to watch. We miss her now.

Diamond-shaped tears

The new generation should be defecated upon. And by that I conclude my confession. Sorry father for I have just sinned.

Holy Mother of God!

Bleeding like a freshly slaughtered pig, I seem finally happy. Or is it another illusion? OK!

Never will I see a red dawn

Even though I painted my eyes red. I have taken a parrot and stuck it up my ass. It rained blood. I was happy.

Why bother?

It is all going to be lost anyway. We might as well give up right now. Or is is already too late? Maybe we should have done it months ago? Who knows? I just hope I can pull through in one piece.

Project Justice

I guess there is a smarter way of handling this problem. Too bad I cannot see it right now. Might have to switch to alternative source of energy.

Sitting in the rain with my laptop above my head...

... hoping to touch the sky. I am sick of being able to come up only with cheap one-liners. I am sick to the point of desperation. Am I desperate? Am I really sick? Learn to enjoy loosing...

Freak Show

As a kid I hated the Circus. Nowadays I fear it. Who knows what the future will bring? Am I the next bearded lady?

Fear is in the eye of the beholder

And loathing is all mine. Too often do I find myself confronted with this Fear. Too often do I yield to it. Maybe it is time I shove my foot up his ass. Or maybe I should find another excuse to leave it for tomorrow.

Wrong time to be timid

In this blue and grey world I miss Sasha. I try to think inside the box, but my mind doesn't want to obey. Effortlessly shifting from one realm to another I find myself confused and lost. Who is this strange looking savage staring at me?